Popcorn Machines

When it comes to popping corn, you need a machine that is safe to operate and easy to clean, but also delivers the absolute best-tasting popcorn. Our poppers come with signature E-Z Kleen Kettles that feature long-lasting performance, low maintenance and a stainless steel cook surface. View all our machines by visiting our catalog.

Fun Pop 8-oz. Popper (available in red or black)

Traditional 8-oz. Popper is good for any every day use. This is our most popular popper which we use for all of our rental programs. This machine features a heated corn deck, kernel tray and twin arm suspension.


Antique Deluxe 60 Special (available in red or black)

This is our throwback model. If you want the vintage style this is the perfect option for you. This is a 6-oz. Popper offers an antique finish and etched glass.


Fun Pop 4-oz. Popper (available in red or black)

Unique small size with big giant taste! Similar features to our 8-oz. Popper with a slightly smaller kettle has classic, textured powder-coated paint and tempered glass.


Pop About Popper (available with a 6-oz. or 8-oz. kettle)

Making popcorn just got a lot easier with this lightweight and portable model. This machine has built in handles and a cord holder for easy transportation. Perfect for rental companies. It also features and Energy Management System (EMS) to maintain wattage for optimum performance.


Super PopMaxx 16-oz. Popper

Big kettle benefits, small popper footprint. This machine delivers maximum popping capacity with the lowest energy consumption.


Mighty Mite 16-oz. Gas Popper

This is the ideal gas model perfect for special events, carnivals, farmers markets and other mobile locations where electricity is difficult to access. 20,000 BTU popper for use with LP gas.


60-oz. Cornado

Perfect for large productions. The largest kettle in the Gold Medal line delivers an astounding 75 lb. of popcorn every hour. This model also features the streamlined heated oil line kit and runs on a 50-amp line. Available in right or left-hand dump.


Kettle Corn 6-oz. Ultra 60 Special

With special temperature controls designed to maximize the best kettle corn flavor and popping.


Karmel Baby Cooker Mixer

This 2.5 gallon cooker and mixer is the perfect size to supplement smaller retail operations or enjoy for home or office use. This 15-amp model pops and coats fresh caramel corn every 20 minutes. Base and cooling pan sold separately.


Mini Tumbler

This is the perfect size tumbler for a 15 lb. tub of great tasting Cheddar Classic Cheese Mix. This compact, light weight tumbler is portable and easy to use. Simply heat the cheese, then pour it on the popped corn right in the stay-fresh container for gently tumbled, fully coated cheese flavor. It holds 2.5 gallons of corn with the lid off and 4.5 gallons with the lid on.


Cart for Fun Pop Poppers (available in different sizes and colors)

Add color and convenience to your popper. This matching cart includes a storage compartment to hold your popcorn and bags. 20" wheels and adjustable feet.


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