Concession Machines

We offer all Gold Medal machines at an affordable rate. As an authorized Medallion Distributor of Gold Medal Products we can offer an extended 3 year warranty on all new equipment. Gold Medal equipment has led the concession industry for over 80 years and has helped businesses of all sizes increase their profits and grow their business.

Listed below are our supplies. Click on the link to learn more about each machine. To see a full list, view our full catalog.

Popcorn Machines

  • Fun Pop 8-oz. Popper (available in red or black)
  • Antique Deluxe 60 Special (available in red or black)
  • Fun Pop 4-oz. Popper (available in red or black)
  • Pop About Popper (available with a 6-oz. or 8-oz. kettle)
  • Super PopMaxx 16-oz. Popper
  • Mighty Mite 16-oz. Gas Popper
  • 60-oz. Cornado
  • Kettle Corn 6-oz. Ultra 60 Special
  • Karmel Baby Cooker Mixer
  • Mini Tumbler
  • Cart for Fun Pop Poppers (available in different sizes and colors)
Fun Pop popper black with cart

Cotton Candy Machines

  • Auto Breeze
  • Accu-Breeze
  • Floss Boss
  • Tornado with EMS and Voltage Booster System
  • Pinkie Floss Cart and Double Bubble
Floss Boss Cotton Candy Machine

Nacho Machines

  • El Nacho Grande Cheese Dispenser
  • Dual Cheese and Chili Dispenser
  • Bag Cheese and Chili Pre-Warmer
Dual Cheese and Chili Dispenser

Sno-Kones® / Shaved Ice Machines

  • Sno-King
  • Deluxe Sno-Konette
  • Hawaii's Finest Heavy-Duty Shave Ice Machine
  • Polar Pete
  • Two-Wheel Sno-Kone Cart
Polar Pete

Funnel Cake Fryers

  • Six Cake Funnel Gas Fryer
  • Deluxe Funnel Cake Fryer FC-4
  • Super King Ultimate Funnel Cake Fryer
Six Cake Funnel Gas Fryer

Frozen Drinks / Frusheez™ Machines

  • Twin-Bowl Frusheez™
  • Twin-Bowl Frusheez™ Tote
  • Compact Frusheez™ Machine
Compact Frusheez Machine

Hot Dog Machines

  • Lil' Diggity Hot Dog Grill
  • Grilla Reciprocating Hot Dog Grill
  • Steamin' Demon
  • Dogeroo Hot Dog Rotisserie
Dogeroo Hot Dog Rotisserie


  • Round Belgian Waffle Baker
  • Four-Square Belgian Waffle Baker
  • Giant Waffle Cone Baker
Giant Waffle Cone Baker

Specialty Machines

  • Pralinator Frosted Nut Machine
  • Heavy Duty Lemon Squeezer
  • King Dog Electric Corn Dog Flyer
  • Waffle Dog Baker
Pralinator Frosted Nut Machine

Warming Machines

  • Humidified Pizza Warmer and Merchandiser
  • Pretzel Oven and Humidified Merchandiser Combo
  • 12" Servalot Chip Warmer
  • Nacho Cheese Warmer with Heated Pump
Pretzel Oven and Humidified Merchandiser