Free Popcorn Machines!

Provided with purchase of our premeasured Popcorn & Oil Kits for as little as $3.00 per day! Call 1-800-287-2676 for your free popcorn machine!

Call 1-800-287-2676

Refurbished machines

Selling for $129 which includes a free case of popcorn.

Gold Rush Machine

Popcorn portion packs

Making popcorn easy!

No measuring utensils - We've done all the precise measurements for you!

Popcorn, Butter-flavored Salt and oil comes in a Pre-measured pack with exactly the right amount for one Kettle load of Delicious Popcorn.

A Free Nacho Cheese and Chili Dispenser with purchase of Cheese or Chili.

For Kettle Korn Companies, we also offer BKH Magic Mushroom Popcorn Also available for purchase are all types of Funfood Equipment and Supplies.