Frozen Drinks / Frusheez™ Machines

Twin-Bowl Frusheez™

Perfect for any occasion. This twin-bowl model allows you to create two different frozen drink mixes at the same time. With 3.7 gallon bowls you can maximize output and profit for your business. It is also available in a single-bowl and triple-bowl.

Twin-Bowl Frusheez™ Tote

This heavy-duty carrier with rear mounted casters has wheels on one side so it functions like a dolly. This makes transporting your machine extremely easy and prevents the machine from tipping over during travel.

Compact Frusheez™ Machine

This compact-size model uses less electricity than traditional machines and features simple controls and spill protectors. This machine features a 1.5 gallon bowl and is lightweight and easy to transport.

  • Twin-Bowl Frusheez™
  • Twin-Bowl Frusheez™ Tote
  • Compact Frusheez Machine