Hot Dog Machines

Lil' Diggity Hot Dog Grill with Sneeze Guard and Bun Warmer

This is the perfect hot dog setup for superior sales and it is designed to fit almost anywhere. This grill is 21" wide and features 10 stainless steel rollers powered by an industry leading drive system. The 300 watt bun warmer keeps up to 36 buns ready to serve. The sneeze guard provides protection for the hot dogs. The grill, sneeze guard, and bun warmer are all sold separately.

Grilla Reciprocating Hot Dog Grill

This model has a nonstick, ribbed cook surface that is easy to clean. This grill features new settings for holding and haul controls for two-zone heat, as well as a removable tray that collects dripping juices. It is wide enough to accommodate 1/4 lb. hot dogs and can hold up to 36 regular sized hot dogs.


Steamin' Demon

This steamer is has a full stainless steal cabinet and lid. It can hold up to 90 regular hot dogs and 40 buns. With the standard juice tray, you've got an easy-to-clean machine with a long-lasting heating element.


Dogeroo Hot Dog Rotisserie

This machine can hold up to 56 hot dogs and 40 buns. Extremely appealing to the eye, it also contains a warmer positioned over the water pan for keeping dogs and buns hot and fresh using moist heat. It has tempered glass windows, a bun warmer, and a power head, all of which can be lifted off individually making cleaning much easier.